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  People who say this is ray ban usa called Oliver Goldsmith, his name may not be familiar with, but his design works, you know. This summer the louver window around the streets like sunglasses, sunglasses frame is two hearts, is the original design was launched in 60 years.
  Protective clothing is like shoes was originally to protect the feet, along with the time development, the foot wear shoes become accessories, shoes become master grade on the basis of judgment. Sunglasses as well, at first it was just block out the sun gear, such as living in the Arctic Inuit, they cut two seams in stone, worn on the eyes, protect ray ban usa store eyesight. The last one hundred years, has become in the eyes of the wear glasses accessories. Like to participate in outdoor music festival, you need to wear a colorful, other stranger the better sunglasses, sunglasses will be the occasion, atmosphere to speak, say it is the wearer's little privacy. If you take in outdoor music festival scene with a large black sunglasses, in addition to tell my fans, "don't mess with me, I'm a big star", another layer of meaning is: "I am looking for pumping." Sunglasses are props, helping the wearer, heighten the atmosphere. ray ban sale usa That kind of stuck feathers sunglasses is Carnival exclusive, if take it in Shangjie, said: "I have come to you!"
  Wear a pair of sunglasses, and around the world to establish a natural barrier, sunglasses, let people can't see you, but do not interfere with your observation of others. As the "put in the eyes of the accessories, sunglasses, let the wearer feel a sense of security, let visitors feel publicity, although the function is quite contradictory, but like the high-heeled shoes, wear it, the body will naturally show type S, but the S is for pleasure, or others with? Their needs.
  Say the eyes are the windows of the soul, sunglasses like window curtain, some thin or thick, I clear window to see whether the inner landscape, pull a curtain is to remind you: Hi, pay attention ray ban outlet usa to the distance that the ticket! Is the most common star artists, even indoors, at night to sunglasses the body, to protect their own little privacy in the spotlight.
  Many celebrities confessed to the media: eyes betrayed her cowardice, wear a pair of sunglasses have a sense of security. For example, general Macarthur (Douglas MacArthur) with sunglasses on the Second World War, the brave general said he was strong from the "know your weakness", from "fear brave to face their own" sunglasses as he protected his best supporting.
  The decorative sunglasses, striking and personal interpretation of the most empathy than Lady Gaga, both to the publicity and privacy, which will be watching to see others, these fascinating ray ban online usa paradox can be showed her the most incisive. According to her design sunglasses sunglasses is different, as if her most important jewelry.