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Cheap Oakley Sunglasses UK

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Warmer weather, ultraviolet crescendo. In spring and summer, under the sun wants to fashion outstanding, one of the highlights is the sunglasses, not only can resist UV sinister, but also to play it cool concave shape. Reporters visited the glasses counters in major shopping malls, cheap oakleys selling sunglasses understand now reached a new peak, especially in the luxury brand is very popular. How to choose a suitable sunglasses?

About sunglasses, Tony stylists have their own opinion: "There are certain people who need round the edges of sunglasses can improve facial contours, but remember not to choose too Founder of the frame, cheap oakley sunglasses will be rounded face and profile in contrast, make the face look up more round.

Round type of person, it is inappropriate to wear sunglasses too round and corners, it would appear excessive face round wire, but also make the face look more rounded. "

The same reasoning can be applied to the side face of the people who wear lenses do not fit a square face is square or too round sunglasses. cheap oakley sunglasses uk Select color pink or wine red areas of the lens, you can highlight the good color.

Many girls feel very much the same style sunglasses, and do not care if it's the whole body dress fit. Tony said: "In fact, just the right pair of sunglasses can be used with the entire body to enhance the fashion sense that it is an integral part of women's fashion accessories, and even led the whole body such cheap oakley sunglasses online as the recently popular style of dress retro, it is necessary to choose a circle. shaped lens retro sunglasses, sunglasses or frame to perfectly arched top. If you want to go punk style, you can choose a pilot or rivets big lens sunglasses, classic Ray-Ban's very appropriate, this clever take Strong body style better adjust the route. "

Many people wear contact lenses, sunglasses, and then there is doubt whether the injured eye, the reporter interviewed a senior optometrist specially Sharon, she said:! "And then wear sunglasses to wear contact lenses will not hurt your eyes, but the premise is wearing contact lenses and outside Quality sunglasses should have a guarantee that such methods and specially equipped to wear a pair of sunglasses with a degree of the effect is the same. "Many of myopia, but the beauty of friends can safely choose from cheap oakley sunglasses free shipping a variety of styles of sunglasses, and the need to pay attention not buy low-quality sunglasses for eye injury, be sure to choose a regular business or big brand products.